What: contracting muscles?

I just wondered if you guys can clear somethings up for me. I’ve heard some things from friends and I dont know whats true

  1. Stretch after every load of reps if you dont the muscles start to contract instead of expanding

  2. You have to stay in a warm place no matter how sweaty you are, if your in a cold place your muscles will contract

  3. You should drink consistently throughout exercise rather than in big chunks

  4. You sould wipe away sweat as it will make you sweat more and sweating helps you loose weight. (eventhough I thought you should not wipe sweat away as it helps you body stay cool)

Grateful for any help :)

Answer #1
  1. Don’t stretch but stay loose. If you feel yourself tighten up then yes stretch but not hard.

  2. True

  3. Yes drink water before, during and after working out. Do not sip the water but gulp it.

  4. There are a lot of reasons to wipe away sweat because it contains toxins that your body is expelling and everything else but yes, you should wipe it away.

Answer #2

None of thats true. Once you have worked, your muscles, they expand, then lactic acid forms. Then you work again flushing out the lactic acid and creating more. Think of barbarians in ancient times. They didn’t do all this crap, they just worked until the job was done, and they were huge.

Answer #3

yeah all 4 comments make sense to me,I think you’re friends are right

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