What color dress should i wear to winter formal?

Okay ima have senior ball/winter formal or whatever you wanna call it lol on JANUARY 23, soo less than a month.
ummm what color should I wear?
the theme is going to be "LOst in A Dream." I was thinkin something white and shimmery, or something baby blue and shimmery.

I don't know gurlies, give me your thoughts and ideas:)

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appreciate t.

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Something. Shimmering and out that there that grabs everyones attention. You Should Do A Bright Blue Or Silver Dress. :)

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I think you should wear a baby blue dress with shimmers on it but only on the bottom them the top of the dress just a nice baby blue with no shimmers.. but I don't know im not a gurly girl so that may now have helped much

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Light blue would go well with the season I think.

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baby blue or royal blue

What do you wear?

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