What colors would my kids eyes be if

What colors would my kids eyes be if my boyfriend’s eyes are blue and mine are brown as well as my parent?

Answer #1

Could Be Either Colour

Answer #2

Most likely brown. Brown eyes are a dominant gene.

Answer #3


Answer #4

you can never tell…

mine (hazel green) + his (baby blue) = hers (brown almost black)

Answer #5

probably brown but you have a 25% chance of blue

Answer #6

weel it depends on your genes. its possible that if his family had brown eyes then the baby may have brown too. ibut brown is the dominant one. and if you want blue then dont caount on it unless some realtive of him or you has had blue eyes and was inherited in your genes!

Answer #7

Well it could be brown or blue but there are many recessive traits that you could have gained from parents/relatives.

Answer #8

their is a chance of both. my best friend cassie has blue eyes and both her parents have brown eyes. she got them from her grandmother. so it could be any color at all.

Answer #9

some eyes darken over time in the sunlight, like say you live in a cloudy country - blues eyes could stay blue from since a kid’s a baby, but if you have blue eyes from when your a baby (I did) and I’ve lived in Australia all my life (very sunny) and now I’ve grown up to have browny/green eyes.. its very weird I think..

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