What color contacts should I get for brown eyes?

okay I have brown hair but a lot of blonde highlights, so I mainly have like blonde hair…I have medium to medium dark skin..and I have dark brown eyes

which color would you think would look good?

Answer #1

I agree light green would look really pretty

Answer #2

Coloured contacts don’t always show up too well on brown eyes - you have to make sure you get the right kind (I believe Natural Touch Opaques show up nicely).

I think a nice soft green like the third one in the photo (click to view)

Answer #3

I think green would look best, just like ichibanarky said above

Answer #4

Okay i have black eyes pretty much and i got “colorblend” contacts. They work with brown eyes. I got this light brown(honey). They r gergous! Also i dont really like green eyes. But a deep blue is pretty(:

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