How are puppies going to come out?

If a rott. and a chihuhua mate how will the puppies look like? Or is that even possible for such a big dog mate with such a little dog? They are both 6 months can they mate at such early age?

Answer #1

I have a yorkie and a rott , and it is NOT possible, besides those would be ugly puppies!!! you also need to wait for your female to go into heat, thats when they mate. but a small sized dog CANNOT mate with a larger size.

Answer #2

That is possible, but dangerous. If the female is a chihuahua then there is a possibility that the puppies could get stuck and that she can die.

In any case, why not get your dogs spayed/neutered? There are enough unwanted abandoned animals out there without bringing even more into the world?

Answer #3

Well yes, it is possible but like ifeel crazy said, it is dsangerous. The puppies howevr, may look like a chiwawa but have the color of a rotweilier. Or be one tan one but have pointed ears. but the ponit is dont do it.

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