What cologne do women like best?

I have worn so many colognes and had mixed results until I started spending way too much for fragrance. Is there a cologne that women prefer over all the rest? I have a limited budget so I can't afford to spend over 40 bucks on this. Ladies (or gents) , which smell is the best?

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Very Sexy for Him from Victoria's Secret is my favorite.

Guys generally underestimate the power of cologne. They don't wear it often enough. But don't wear too much when you do.

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One that seems to work great and is great for college in the fall is Gucci for Men. Looks brown and has an awesome cedar aroma to it! I get a lot of compliments!!!

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I have a ton of favorites. I'll just list a few:
Phoenix Axe (good for when you are working out or doing strenuous work; it lasts longer)
Cotton Candy by Fantasy (it is usually under $10 a bottle; you can try any smel from their line. guys love the Fantasy smells, but not the White Musk)

if you can't find a cologne, you can always find a great-smelling body lotion. some great ones are: Bath & Body Works Coconut, Healing Garden ZZZ Therapy (you can wear it in the daytime too. it smells like a Lavender mixed with a zest of something else; very moisturizing, too). hope these help. they all are under $15. let me know if they work OK.

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ok I wear euphoria cologne by Calvin Klien or men and I've had total strangers in the mall and store come up to me and say how good I smell where I got it how much it was and all lol I don't know but if you really want to attract someone its the way to go.

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My boyfriend uses the axe body wash and the body spray and OMG I love the smell of it. After he is done taking a shower the whole house smells like if. There are all diffirent kinds of sents. :)

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sue90 is rite, I am IN LOVE with the natural smell of guys. I like 2 smell guys when I hug them. I know, it's weird, but I a LOVE IT!

I'm not a fan of cologne, when a guy walks by and I smell a trail of cologne, it's a complete turn-off.

What cologne do women like?

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Dear ambiguous,
If you truly want to attract woman you will not use anything with a scent. Humans are attracted to pheromones; the natural scent of a person. Some men/women have strong pheromones other are very suttle and with scents are not detected. Pheromones are very powerful and it's really too bad that more people do not know about them and how much of a turn on they can be for both sexes. NATURAL is the way to go...just don't forget to use unscented deodorant please OB is not flattering on anyone.
Sue...good luck

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Kenneth Cole Black, Dolce & Gabana, Sean John Unforgiveable, Dirty English , You gotta match it with your body chemistry.

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Burt's Bees Bay Rum all natural cologne for men is the best ever. I bought this for my husband for Christmas 2 years ago and "I" can't let him live without it. He absolutely loves it, too. It's the most wonderful smell and he gets a ton of compliments on it.

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I have a large collection of different colognes. But my favorites are Cool Water, Fitch Fierce, and Lucky. In that order. They smell really amazing and I always get compliments when I'm wearing them. Especially cool water.

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hi. i think you should go for Jean paul gaultier.(its in a greeny blue bottle shaped like a man) I havent met a girl yet that doesnt love it. Another popular one is coolwater! goodluck.

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as a woman some scents are toooooo strong so try the nice and easy ones i think those will work

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there is no best, its opinion based. Coolwater seems to work very well with girls and guys though.

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Armani's Aqua de Giou. Makes me want to be REALLY close to him.

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Axe sucks...reminds me of middle schoolers wearing way too much, which in turn made me sick of it...but I like pretty much anything by Armani. However, Aqua Di Gio seems to be popular, but way too sweet for me, I prefer Black Code or Emporio. Cool Water is nice. Paul Sebastian is awesome. Any cologne has its perks for each person wearing it, just not too much or too stong, except for Axe, that's a no-no.

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Personally you have to find a scent that suits you, bring a friend with you and try a bunch of perfumes and get them to tell you what they like best. :) I love Amor Amor by Cacharel because its subtly sweet and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana because its fresh like summer.

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you guys are all nuts

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armani code is the best when I wear it girls are all over me

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I have only met one man whose natural smell just drove me wild...and now he's my husband. I don't know what it is the attributes his scent. his diet, exercise... lots of hair... I dunno.

For nice occasions he will put on some cologne and in that case I absolutely LOVE
Acqua Di Gio Cologne by Giorgio Armani for Men. It's avaliable at Walmart for around $35.


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Try Nautica Voyage... It's very fresh, sweet smell; not too abrasive like some other colognes where it actually hurts your nose to sniff it on the first note. This is the sort of cologne you spray three notches after you gym and it makes you smell absolutely wonderful. Girls love it. Also you cant go wrong with some other ones like Hugo, Hugo XY, Polo Black, RL Romance for Men (It's quite Sensuous :-)), Gucci Pour Homme II...

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I wuv axe!
its the best :].
I wuv boys that wear it.

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Curve,#1 Drakara #2, Aqua Digio#3, Halston #4, Chrome#5

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as a woman I can say I appreciate many mens fragrances.

I love
dunhill desire
chanel platinum
and many of the burberry collection.

my man wears the body oil versions because they contain no alcohol which evaporates causing the body oils to last longer. There are a lot of cheap versions out there though. I know this company sells top cosmetic grade oils in a upper-class store in the mall.

they are opening a website too.

check it out. there is a great article up explaining colognes differences.


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