What chance do I have of getting herpes from cigaretts?

If I shared a cigarett with someone who has herpes because I didnt know how good of a chance do I have of catching it?

Answer #1

Heres some symtoms on STDS/STIS: Chlamydia, how can you tell if you have it: Female: a change or an increase in discharge from your vagina. A little bit of bleeding even when its not time for your period. Bleeding during or after you have vaginal sex. pain in your lower abdomen. pain when you urinate (pee). Gonorrhea:female: A change or an increase in discharge from your vagina. A little bit of bleeding when its not time for your peiod. Bleeding during or after you have vaginal sex. Pain in your lower abdmen. Pain when you urinate (pee). Trichomonas :female: strage discharge from your vagin. an ichy vagina. pain during vaginal sex. burning whe you urinate (pee). LGV :female: a painless sore or lump may appear where the bacteria had entered the body. The sore or lump can be painless and often is inside you. It will clear up without treatment. You may not notice you have it. In the secound stage you may develop the flu like symtoms. your lymph nodes may become swollen and there may be discharge from the genital and or anal area if left untreated LGV can cause genital and or anal scarring that may need surgery in rare cases it can even cause death. Syphilis:female : in most cases the first symptoms is a sore that doesn’t hurt. It is called a chancre. You may not notice this sore , the sore goes away even if it is not treated but you still have the infection Later you may get a body rash and feel like you have the flu these symptoms will also go away even if they are not treated. If you dont treat syphilis you may get very sick untreated syphilis can lead to damage of the heart the brain and other organs of the body and may even cause death . HPV:female: you can pass on the virus without even knowing you have it. If you find warts on your genitals. they may look like bumps that can be cauliflower like. Some warts are very hard to see. A nurse or doctor can do a exam to find them. Herpes: :female: A large number of people infected with herpes will not have the symptoms and therefore you may not know you have it. If you have herpes symptoms you will most likly feel iching or tingling on your skin then develop painful blisters that turn into sores it will heal by itsself when you first have an outbreak of herpes you may also feel like you have the flu and symptoms may last several weeks.Hepatitis B : male/femle: You can have hepatitis B and not have any signs or symptoms. You can still pass the virus on without know it . If you have it you may notice ,you feel tired , you have pain in your abdomen, Your urine or stool (poop) is a strange colour, your skin is yellow, You are not very hungry, you feel like throwing up. Yours truly , Demika Ray

Answer #2

To be honest its Medium to HIGH risk because their mouth was on it then yours was…

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