What cat should I get?

Ok I love cats but lets just say I have really bad luck with them. I saved this cat I got a few years ago and she was the sweetest thing. we never got her spaded so she ran outside all the time but I always went and got her because she always hung around the house. Well she got out and has been gone for two weeks or more)::: and to make it even worse my other cat got out around the same time and hasn’t returned):: and my last cat died on friday! She had kidney failure and we had to put her down, bad luck right? I am getting a new cat now. I have seen so many kittens and I found one that I really liked, I liked because it was friendly and purred a lot lol. today I went to the animal hospital and met a male grown cat who was found outside the hospital in a box. Hes been there for about a month and is always locked up in his cage so hes not that good around poeple he doesnt like my mom lol, but he loved me. I think he could be a really good cat tho. which one do you think I should get?

Answer #1

yyeah I think I am going to get the older cat I just hope I dont regret it later because the vet didnt know anything about this cat like its age or where it came from the poeple just left a note saying please give a good home. im sure he is oging to be a very sweet cat hes verry fluffy too lol.

Answer #2

the older cat because if you dont get him who will, there will be plently of people who wants the kitten probably. no one wants a older cat :( and if he likes you from the start then thats really good!!!

I really hope you choose the best both need a loving home

I adopted a older cat he is so sweet he is a Ginger cat I love him!

:)have a nice day:)

Answer #3

The male one. Older ones need more love because no one wants them. Plus, If you love it enough it will get better with people :D

()() (=”=)_ ( . ) c((“)(“) Bunny says Merry Christmas!

Answer #4

The kitten.

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