What career do you think would suit me?

I am a fifteen year old girl and have a few years to go before I need to decide a definate career path but I am currently contemplating what career would suit me. I’m doing well in school especially excelling in Sociology, English and History. I used to be good at Health and Social Care but wasn’t able to do a GCSE in it because the class was too full which was very unfortunate, but I am thinking of doing a Health and Social Care A-level along with English and Sociology. I am articulate and good with words yet my downfall is maths. I have been told that I am mature, caring and understanding although I am quite shy- this may however be associated with age and improve when I reach adulthood. Can you think of any jobs that suit these characteristics? Thankyou :)

Answer #1

I would ask trusted adult friends / relatives would they recommend their career field - why - what courses should I take to prepare for that career - can I intern, possible come and observe them on the job - another idea, just look through the yellow pages at different careers and jot down a list that might interest you - the real key is finding something you Love - one where you would show up even if they didn’t pay you - rewarding - I found such a career in air traffic control…I wish you every success !!

Answer #2

I’d think about what makes you happy, what you’d really like to do and look for a job similar to that. I like singing/acting/dancing so I’m doing musical theatre. Play to your strengths but don’t choose something you’re just going to get bored with, trust me, it never works out well xx

Answer #3

Thankyou everyoen for your advice :)

amblessed- my family have always thought I would do well in a caring profession such as nursing. I am thinking of persueing that.

Answer #4

Do you like helping others? Why not be a social worker or work in that type of environment…the best way to find out is to volunteer or intern in the field you are interested in and maybe you will find what suits you

Answer #5

there are many accurate career tests online. I find them helpful since they base the result in your ability , personality and preference.

Answer #6

do you want to involve yourself in business?maybe a tour guider suits u

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