Do you guys think that, in the future, I could possibly go for a job or career in photography?

I’ve attached some of my pictures from my trip to California. They were taken with my boyfriend’s 7 mega pixel digital camera so I did the best I could from what little I knew of the camera and the camera itself. I would appreciate some advice and opinions on this…

Answer #1

I reckon you could and you’d do an amazing job at it too! :D

Answer #2

i love the picture(s) you could defently be one. just get a better camera if you want to become a pro. you could also start a website and post all your photos or tape your photo all over town. Or post some in your local newspaper. :) -K-

Answer #3

Definitely the photos are awesome.

Answer #4

I think you did a terrific job with that camera. The one thing with most photographers is that they focus on something directly in the picture and the rest gets slightly blurred. It’s how the eye naturally views things, you focus on one thing and the rest gets slightly blurred. I’d recommend trying to blur some of your pictures just a bit. Take a look at this picture to get an idea.

Answer #5

I Think That You Could (: You Can Do Any Thing If You Work Hard At It, Best Of Luck :D

Answer #6

Yes, I think you could. =]<3 Here’s a link to a picture I took!♥

Answer #7

i do belive you could ,you can do any thing if set your mind to it.

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