What can you so when you drop out at 17?

I am 17 I dropped out and want out of my parents house. I figure if you droped out and getting a job and things you can move out. Because it is puttin your self in a adults place . My oppion

Answer #1


If you have a full time job and can support yourself with out adult help/supervision, you can be emancipated. Or, if you get married you can be emancipated, too. But you can’t actually move out of your parents house until you turn eighteen. Unless if they kick you out, of course. (Or say you can leave)

Answer #2

It’s not as easy as you think,it’s actually harder,not only will you have to buy your own food and keep yourself clothes but you also have to keep the bills up so your not put out of your home. You really have to make sure the job you have pays enough to do all of that.

I think you should stay in school to get farther in this world,cause without school,you can’t get very far without an education,and stay with your parents,they are basically giving you boost in life,getting you ready for the real world.

Think twice before making any decisions.

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