What can you see in a MRI scan for the uterus?

I was wondering if they can see if your a virgin or not with an MRI scan for the uterus? Can they see the if the hymen is broken? And if they can’t see the hymen, can they find out somehow that your a virgin or not ONLY by an MRI scan?

Answer #1

If they scan the uterus, they would do it over the abdomen, I assume, so that has nothing to do with the hymen. If the scan would be made over the hymen (I have no precise idea what an MRI scan is, but assume it is for organ imaging) I assume the hymen existent or not would not show, because most scans, unless the MRI scans are different, are for body imaging

Answer #2

it would not I agree with misshayley92

Answer #3

no it deffinately wouldnt show if you were a virgin or not.

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