What can you get charged for say bitch ?

K so my mom hates are nabors like to the max lmfaoo and they have this weird thing going on like mu nabor put up a sign saying somtin dumb or what ever so my mom was like all just put up a sign sayin your a bitch and I laughed but can you get charged for putting up a sign saying bitch ? Btw I live in canada ottawa ontario if it helps :) (l)

Answer #1

Yes you can get charged you naughty girl!! Try using another word such as ‘Poo’ or one of my favourites ‘Bumhole’!! it will be good in the long run babes

Answer #2

to rosealyn she didn’t ask for a cheerleader she asked a simple question.. go play with your pom poms somewhere else!

Answer #3

Go Canada!! im canadian too so yaaa lol

Answer #4

LOLLL, ok last one and its peace time, no more fighting. Everyone in the room here got a laugh out of this thou. :)

Pirate goes Arrrhh Arrrhh

Sailor says Aye Aye Captain.

PS: why do pirates only have one I? because they arhhh :) (not my joke)

Answer #5

ROFLMAO nice, is that the best you got? Potty mouth much, aye aye sailor. you serious what kind of language you talk…pirate aye aye?? lmfao

Answer #6

LOL Thats nice! Oh man, your mom is hilarious! Now uh… I don’t remember what its called but its some sort of rule/law. I don’t know. But I think you get in trouble to some extent. I mean, I don’t think you would go to jail or anything.

Answer #7

Girls, leave iloveyoubby alone, green eyed much? Who die and made you both online spelling policewomen hey?.

Wouldn’t think you would get in trouble for writing up a sign with those words, but then again I’m not Canadian so not sure about the laws over there. Lol, would be very amusing thou, to see the people’s faces when you put the sign up; reckon there would be heaps of shocked faces in the crowds and your neighbours will be giving you and your mum strange dirty looks haha…I’m thinking youtube most hit video soon hahaaa

Answer #8

* Blame Canada


Answer #9

Blame Canada.

Answer #10

ROFLMAO nice, is that the best you got? Potty mouth much, aye aye sailor. ;)

Answer #11

fruitylicious I wasn’t fuc**n telling you crap so shut your mouth up!!!

Answer #12

your spelling is awful

Answer #13

Learn how to spell.

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