What can this dream mean?

Last night was the very first time I had a dream about my grandma who passed away 3 years ago. Every single one of my family members have had dreams of her giving them some sort of advice, the all took the advice she had given them and it worked out good for my family. But this dream was weird. I’ve been waiting for so long to try and finally hear what kind of advice my grandma could give me in a dream, but in this dream she didn’t talk. And there were two of her as if she had a twin sister. It was my whole family and we were camping in the dream sitting around a fire roasting hot dogs, and I walked over by them and saw two of my same grandmother. Does anyone know what that could possibly mean? I know it sounds weird but I feel so left out that everyone else got great real advice from her in their dreams and I didn’t get any.. Although I could desperately use her words of wisdom. And when I think about it, it makes me really upset.. Maybe she doesn’t care for me? I know she’s dead but I don’t understand..

Answer #1

Well… this could mean she just wanted to visit you if you belive in that… this happens to me all the time… my grandmother died 4 years ago and she visits me and my dreams… she just wants to see you.

Answer #2

maybe she’ll be looking out for you twice as much. Im sure she loves you a lot! :)

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