Can a cat eat these things?

can cats eat penut butter, apples, oats, and flower?

Answer #1

they would eat peanut butter if they liked it. they would eat apple sauce if they liked it. they might eat oats if it was part of a cake or snack bar. they other stuff I don’t think they would. flower…do you mean cooking flour? or the plant flower? they might eat the plant flower, but only cooking flour if it’s part of a cake etc.

Answer #2

cats will eat just about anything if it smells and tastes good. sticking to cat friendly foods is a good thing, so pb apples oats and flower really shouldnt be fed to the animal, and they most likely wont like it anyway.

Answer #3

Cats are carnivores, they need meat. Cow’s milk will give them diarrhea after a while, but you can get a special milk made for cats that is alright. They do like certain vegetation and plant matter. (I had a tabby that loved to eat cantaloupe.) But it shouldn’t be the main part of their diet.

Answer #4

Milk is actually not that good for cats. Its supposed to be only on a rare occassion for a treat. And if it’s a kitten DEFINITELY no milk, unless its from the mother’s teat. If I was you I would try… oh, I dunno… how about CAT FOOD! when they are fully grown you can toss them a piece of human food and see if theyll eat it. but that wont be good to sustain a healthy diet. you want to stick to cat food

Answer #5

If the question is ‘what should a cat eat?’, I agree - cat food.

If it is ‘could a cat eat this if it felt like it?’ the answer is yes - some cats are fussy and others will eat just about anything. My cat ate uncooked rice when it fell on the floor as we were moving house! But it wouldn’t be healthy to make any of these things the main diet.

Answer #6

Ummm…I don’t know. Try milk.


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