What can I wear, with all these scars ?

I need help. Im going to a sixteen’s birthday party and I dont knowhat to wear . I have a lot of scars so I dont know what I could wear .

Answer #1

um some skinny jeans and a shirt with a cute jacket that looks great with your shirt

Answer #2

hoe about arm warbers, or a cardigan or jumper then apart from that heres not much else

Answer #3

hey I think you should wear something you would normaly wear

Answer #4

scars on your arms? I’d wear a long-sleeved shirt! ^_^ a nice long sleeve is nice ever once in a while. no one is gonna be like, “what the hell are you wearing sleeves for?” it’s winter! maybe try a sweatshirt?

Answer #5

no I cant, its a birthday party for 1 15 year old. I cant wear a long sleeved shirt !

Answer #6

well, what do you normally wear perhaps try arm gaunts cuffs(not hand cuffs, before someone takes that the wrong way) or even gloves if that’s your style(I’m a Goth, I love gloves, what can I say)

Answer #7

I was in an accident and was extremely burned. I didnt want anyone seeing my scars so I just covered up.. then I realized im a survivor and I should be proud of them. no matter what your scars are they give you character. dont hide them. they’re a part of u

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