what can I make wid motzerella cheese?

any good recepies I can make wid moterella cheese? please and thnks (:

Answer #1

roll it into little balls, or what ever size you want really. and bread them. either once or twice.. your choice, and deepfry them. and buy some chilli sauce, works really together. a traditional pizza? bread base, tomato sauce ontop and the cheese etc.

Answer #2

get 2cups of pasta,and 12 ounces of the cheese,,cook the pasta, and then drain it, and then keep the temperature on low,and put 1tablespoon of milk and the cheese until the cheese is melted,and you have mozerella mac and cheese

Answer #3

tomatoe saus mozzarella with some boiled pasta italian ;) some olive oil keep mixing it with the tomatoe sause till the mozzarella is melting then add the pasta mix it good and then serve it;)

Answer #4

mozzaella sticks-

cut them into strips… kinda like french fries. Then you have to bread them twice. (flour, eggwash, breadcrumbs.. then flour eggwash and breadcrumbs again) From here, you can either fry them or bake them. Just makesure you don’t do either for too long or they will pop and the cheese will ooze out. use either pasta sauce or plain tomato sauce for dip. Enjoy

Answer #5

Get a piece of bread, spread a teeny-weeny bit of mayonaise on it then put the cheese on it and put it in the grill. Hey presto! You got yourself a tasty slice of cheese on toast. Mmmm:) (mayonaise optional)

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