What can I do to make my muscles hurt less?

Ok in gym we had to run for 5 minutes straight as fast as we could. Thats not hard for me but I went kinda over board and my calf muscles hurt like really bad I can hardly walk. It’s not because I have no muscle, because I do like krazi. What can I do to make it stop hurting by like tomorrow, because we are running again and that may cause excruciating pain! Is there anything I can do from home because it’s kind of late and I won’t be able to get anything like Icy Hot.

Answer #1

Eat a bananna and stretch it out by puting your toes flat on a wall and lean close to the wall while standing. You could also massage them by hand. They should be better tomarrow but still not perfect.

Answer #2

try stretching, maybe message but if this is your first time running for a while, its normal. the next day you’ll feel like your muscles are hurting but as soon as you run again, it’ll go away.

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