What can I do I think my dad has been cheking me out?

I hate to even be writing this and I cant believe it but my dad has been checking me out lately. I know it for sure last night he tried looking down my shirt and I today when I got home from school he was looking at my behind. And now I no yalls are gonna say that you have to tell your mom but I could never do that no way!

Answer #1

Not sure of your age but if your in the 17y.o range I’d confront your father if younger you need to go the your mother. No if ands or buts, there are a lot of sickos out there.

Answer #2

I know it could be like EXTREMMMEEELY difficult but you do have to tell someone about it who really cares about you…probably your mom… Im sorry…but thats really the only idea I have…

I wish you the best!!!

Answer #3

If you feel scared that your Dad might do something to harm you, there are organisations out there to protect you from exactly this.

Answer #4

yeah I can understand that even tho it never happend to me, but I do see that sometimes my step dad will try to look at my chest, but my real dad is like that, really nasty, hes a sex offender, and I dont see him or anything he lives far from me, and I will never see him im only keeping in touch with him for now so my mom can get child support, but when I turn 18 im gunna tell his wife what he is, but if it happens to u, just wear things where he cant see your butt or chest, thats what I would do in your case.

Answer #5

Hey girl, you have a lot on your plate if you need some one to talk to I’m here for you. You have a very touchie matter here. Well what you need to do is when you catch him doing something like that say , Dad I can tell you are looking down my shirt can you stop. If he does not you need to tell some one . Because this is not a normal thing. You would be helping you dad out, because maybe there is some thing wrong with his mind men should not think that way about there daughters. So if some thing is wrong he can get the right help . Yours truly , Demika Ray

Answer #6

if you dont tell someone one day when youre home alone with him he WILL try to touch you or rape you so you better tell someone that you trust and tell them fast. tell two people you trust and let them be there with you when you confront him and let him know that the way he looks at you makes you feel uncomfortable. You probably shouldnt tell your mom first no offense but most women are so stupid these days they will choose a man/husband over their own child when he is sexually abusing the child so get some help from someone else then tell her.

Answer #7

Telling your mom isnt always the best thing to do. This happened to me also when I was a teenager only it was my step dad and he actually would sneak in my room at night and feel on me while I was sleeping when I told my mom she didnt believe me. So I went to my aunt and uncle and told them and I moved in with them and they believed me and helped me confront him. Now how do you know hes not just looking at you and thinking about how much you have grown up? But for you too think that about your own dad im sure you have a creepy feeling about this! well I hope sharing this with you helps! I would definetly tell someone close to you your suspicions

Answer #8

Just tell someone, not necesarilly your mom, but grandma, or a best friend. Then with that person with you, confront your father and tell him how you feel about the situation. I mean, I’m not sure what you look like, and I won’t be judgemental, but most fathers become bored of their wives, and then see their daughters as younger versions of their now matured wives. So, even though it is wrong, its human nature for the male mind to behave in a strange manor, not saying all do, but it is common. I hope this helps you, and I wish you the best of luck.

Answer #9

I would probably tell my friend…no way I’d tell my mother either but the others are right…u need to tell someone…and if he tries to lay a finger on you in an inappropriate way…then you need to knee him in the groin and run like the wind!

Answer #10

look this happen to me and I tell you what I was not good ok .listen do not be alonewith him ok nowhere I know you might say he’s my dad he would never try to touch me the wrong place or way,but he’s aready doing something wrong he’s checking you out so I suggest you tell your mom and stay away from him and if he tries too do anything funny or out of the way with.u kick his butt,tell mom,or call the police.hope this helps

Answer #11

talk to him about it

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