What can I cook on the side with a ham.

what can I cook with ham?

Answer #1

you really need to think about balancing textures, flavors and colors to make a good meal interesting. I always think “is everything too brown?” (ex. turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing) Or “Is everything too mushy?” (see above) If you’re serving ham, (sweet/salty), you can balance that with cranberry conserve (red), blanched asparagus or sugar snap peas (green), and something creamy, like mashed or potato fennel gratin, a nice( fresh) salad w/lemon, olive oil and white wine vinegar, salt/pepper, and shaved parmigiana. I’d serve a nice crusty bread or biscuit, and a nice lemon sorbet with fresh fruit for dessert. (refreshing and not too heavy after that big meal). Good luck!

Answer #2

Macaroni & cheese, vegetables, potatoes, rolls or biscuits, baked beans…

Answer #3

scalloped potatoes

Answer #4

Green eggs

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