What camera to get ?

Im thinking to buy a video-camera but not sure what 2 get ...

I want it in hd - sony / nikon / panasonic
It must record on cd's / memory stick and have a clear picture...

What is the best I can get for something around 200 on ebay ??


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I would get one of Sony's HD cams. They allow you to record clips onto disc, which you can then load on any video production software without digitizing (no tapes...ever!). They've also got some of the best lenses I've ever seen, and a great choice of different filters.

The only drawback is they're a little bulky and sometimes require a tripod for steady video.

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I really like my Canon 550D. It's called the Canon Rebel T2i in the US. It has an 18 mega pixel sensor and takes great photos. It also has 1080 HD video, with a choice of frame rates. The video quality is superb, it looks great on my high definition TV.

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I just say you that Nikon is the best for you and better compare the Sony and Panasonic.

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