What attitude?

Just being confuse …so what attitude or behavior do you really like most among asians?like me

Tnx,,,leave some comments please,,,tnx friends:)

Answer #1

It doesn’t matter what race, religion or any other difference you have/are, I like all people to act the same. Respectful of others yet confident in theirselves. Too much of one thing or the other can just tip you over. Britz

Answer #2

hmmm. I dont know. all I know…is…asians are usually…just a little uhm..attractive. to be honest. ^_^ one of my secrets…

Answer #3

Don’t worry about what other people like in other people. The only thing you should worry about with that is what you like you about yourself.

This is a corny answer, but it is the truth. If you act a certain way because of others, you will not truely be happy.

Answer #4

Asians have the same personalities of every other race. If they didn’t the asian in me and the white in me would fight with each other on what personality I should have just kidding but seriously be yourself and asians do not have magical good looking powers. Some are hot and some are not. In everyones personality I am found of the people who are funny, caring, and nice.

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