Is Global Warming due to climate cycles?

Is Global Warming due to Climate Cycles ?

Answer #1

It would make sense because we dont know what has been happening to the planet before our time. Yes, we do have records in the ice about the temp. and such but those are simply guesses. We dont really know.

Answer #2

Climate models are amazingly complex and scientists keep refining their models as more information and more computing power becomes available.

The majority of climate scientists do believe that global warming is real, is being affected by human activity, and is a large problem for our future. The impression that the jury is still out on the issue comes from a small number of well funded climate change skeptics who are often on the payroll of industries that have the most to loose from environmental legeslation to slow global warming.

Having lived long enough to see various doom-day predictions never come to be it wouldn’t suprise me if 50 years ago that global warming turns out to be a much smaller problem than predicted; it also wouldn’t suprise me if it turns out to be an even worse.

Answer #3

Almost all scientists agree that global warming is largely attributable to human activity. Considering in the last 300 years or so human society has evolved from mostly simple farming communities and towns to becoming hugely industrialized, with massive cities and general polluting, its not surprising that suddenly we’re starting to see our environment reacting to our new impact.

Answer #4

The problem with the ‘let’s wait and see’ suggestions is that these guys are going to be dead by then! My kids will still be alive, God willing, and I want to protect their world for them, so I’m taking the ‘human activity causes global warming’ theory seriously. Danbob’s right - only a very few ‘finge’ scientists disbelive it completely, so we need to take it seriously and take action…

Answer #5

Experts are not totally united on this issue - the jury’s still out - less than 100 years ago there were ‘Ice Age coming upon us’ calls - so, time will tell.

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