What are your views, is this wrong?

Im a 15 year old gay boy, and I’ve recently broken up with my boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend now, and I’ve really taken a shine to one of his friends who I have gotten to know quite well as he is 13 and also gay and wants help/advice/etc. I feel physicaly and emotionaly attracted to him and now when I beat off or leep he is ther smiling at me. We do hug like everytime we see each other, but what should I do , I dont want to become a peado :(

Answer #1

“how does a 13 year old know their gay .. LOL” - just like a straight person knows they’re straight

It’s never good to label a kid but if they know then they know

Answer #2

I couldn’t have said it better than Mikeh.

Answer #3

I don’t think dating someone two years younger than you qualifies you as a pedo. Considering you’re both minors, I’d say you’re in the clear here. Children dating children has never been much of a hot-button issue.

But since he is gay and probably hasn’t been identifying as such for very long, just be sure that if you do pursue a relationship, you employ Dan Savage’s ‘campsite rule’: When someone older or more experienced decides to date someone younger and more naive, they are obligated to leave them in a better condition than they were found. In your case, that means leaving him a stronger, more confident gay man with a broader perspective on dating, not as a bitter, fucked-over gay man with serious doubts about dating older men.

Answer #4

1 - thats not paedoish 2 - how does a 13 year old know their gay .. LOL 3 - have you considered thinking why you fancy him.. ( I think your on the rebound) its probably lust. 4 - leave it,he’s year 7/8 your year 10/11 right.. not good..especially if parents got involved. 5 - join tagged.com and get looking

Answer #5

he turned 14 yesterday and as a add on to his present I asked him out and he said YES, im sooo happy I will take your advice mikeh thanx so much everyone :)

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