What should I do for my congested infant?

I have got a 2month old baby and hes unwell hes got a cold such as sore throat, sneezers, runny nose.I was told you can’t put vicks on the babies skin because it will irritate them and it being strong stuff, they told me to try carvol if the baby is unwell because it will help with their blocked nose, and they also told me to do, is strip the baby down to his nappy, make sure the room is cool, try giving a bath and in his moses basket lift the side wateva he lays up a bit so his head is sitting up,

Answer #1

When my son was that little I would put the vicks on the backside of his pacifier. :) It would be under his nose, but not on his skin. Doctor said that was perfectly fine.

And where do you live that they told you to intentionally make a sick 2 month old COLD and wet in a cool room??? A WARM, soaking bath would be MUCH better for him! The cool room will make it harder for the mucus to loosen in his sinuses. Get a smarter doctor!

If he’s very congested, let the hot water run in the shower, and bring him into the bathroom and let him breathe the vapors, that’ll loosen the phlegm and mucus that’s blocking him. Put a humidifier in his room at night, and leave one going in the rooms that he’s in during the day.

Also try some saline drops- they’re very safe to use. Just two drops in each nostril should loosen anything, then after 5 minutes or so, you can suck the snot out with a bulb syringe.

Answer #2

ask at the chemist first, but maybe try giving him a bath with that eucalyptus stuff in the bath that unblocks noses and clears throats. but if he starts to get a rash take him out immediately.

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