What are you doing right now?

What are you doing right now?

Answer #1

I’m on my younger bros xbox playing multiplayer on CallOfDuty5 with him…kicking his bum at it too!!! hehe. bonding time its called, even if I push him over from time to time, and I’m also texting a girl in my class.

Answer #2

Packing up my guitar, amp, and effects pedals to go on a road trip to jam with some buddies :)

Answer #3

lying in my hospital bed… have just finished my breakfast and is waiting to take meds at 12:30nn..

Answer #4

Adding last day of term photos’ LEFT SCHOOOL STUFY LEAVE BRAP

Answer #5

Getting ready to go shopping.

Answer #6

Taking care of my kitty :D

Answer #7

:) :)

Answer #8

just woke up.. so im eating! :D

Answer #9

think about it would someone answer this if they weren’t DOING this?! lol. but I’m answering this and wacthing THE N.

Answer #10

haveing a sleepover babyy!!

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