What are the uses of sound energy? help! this is for my report tom.

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Sound energy can be used for cleaning small objects.

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Look up this one word, ULTRASOUND, that should give you all the answers you need. It is used in medical imaging, certain industrial projects, a new process to shrink fibroids, pest control and a lot of other stuff

What are the four basic uses of energy produced by respiration?

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1)sound energy is used to make energy.
2)it is used as the silencer of moter cycle.
3)sound energy is used in sonar which is navigation of shoal of fishes,dept of sea, ocean,lake etc.
4)sound energy is used in radio ,transmitter etc.
5)it help in producing vibration in drums etc.
6)sonar is used by navy and military in aircraft,submarine,anti-submarine ship.

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