What are the positives and negatives of Torrent downloads?

For all the torrent users out there, what do you think the Positives and Negatives for Torrents are? Like downloading games, movies, and software.

Answer #1

Hey templatebro, Of what I know, Positives- Its free Large variety Movies, Music, Games The files are of good quality usually Can be burned onto a DVD Negatives- Its illegal because most of the stuff that is distributed is copyrighted. Clients might come packed with viruses, trojans etc. Takes a long time depending upon the number of seeders Personally, I wouldn’t use torrents, I would go for normal downloads…unless your desperate for something. Please make sure that you have a good anti-virus.

Answer #2

Well using a torrent to download music and movies and games..is illegal. Personally I’m not quite sure on how they can track you. But my boyfriend is currently using a torrent to stream movies. He actually is capable of burning those movies to a DVD/CD. But Shhh, no one can really find out if you keep it on the downlow.

as for the positives on torrent downloads.. Free Movies, games, and music. is all that needs to be said.


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