Is there a way to make torrents download any faster?

Any tip would be appreciated. I’ve been torrenting like mad the past few days, but now I’m down to the ones that are going obscenely slow. Any ideas?

Answer #1

yes….. use

after you have downloaded and opened the torrent from [i use btjunkie as teh first] btjunkie just go to torrentz and find the same torrent, copy the trackers and paste them in. here a quick vid just for you..

sorry but rushed cus its 02:50 and im tired.

Answer #2

i dont suggest using torrent speed apps, they use more Pc ram and in result can even damage hardware! By the way those programms do faster streaming and it means less security, and by that i mean ur pc will catch some nice viruses. . . Just stick with normall speed, its cheaper ^^

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