What are some ways I can increase my grip strength?

Okay. So I’ve started doing parkour (it’s awesome) but my grip strength is failing me. What are some ways that I can improve it?

Answer #1

Not sure what parkour is, but I found these killer grippers on an armwrestling site, some offer up to 300lbs of resistance! I can’t remember exactly but it was something like only 5 people in the world can close the 350lbs ones!

Answer #2

Get them little hand thinggys (forget the name, but you know hat I mean, the v shaped ones with a coiled spring in the middle?). They do wonders for forearms.

Also hold a 5 pound or so dumbell in your hands. Place your arms to your sides and let them hang naturally. Slowly rotate the dumbell with your wrist only, outwards to a 90 degree angle (or as far as you can manage, dont strain yourself). Repeat this for 5-10 reps a day. Also rotate inwards 5-10 reps and side to side (side to side you cant goto 90 degree is you wanted to lol, just go as far as possible), will build up all round forearm strength.

Also any forearm exercise will strengthen your grip, since it is those muscles that do all the work.

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