What are some room ideas

Like what are some different ideas for my room I want it to look cool I am doing a room makeover and I want it to be cool

Answer #1

well I am redoing my room and I have decided to decorate my room in my school colors. and when I move out the house when I get 18 I guess my dad will change it.but yea that is a suggestion.I was thinking school colors.or my favorite sports teams colors.

Answer #2

me 2 I was planning on painting my walls pink and having a tan rung and elimating some furniture because my room is packed and crowded but umm to look “cool” umm on your walls.dont over do it but put some bands up that yuou like and dont make your room full of clothes oin the ground trust me it looks nasty and all in all just keep everything organized

Answer #3

ok thx

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