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ok so im bored today and have decided im going to paint my room white. my room is in the basement and has no windows therefor no natural light also therefor very dull, dim room. oh and did I mention the dam room is beige right now :S anyway I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on how to do my thinking maybe a zen theme with greens and all that stuff I already have a mini waterfall thing I bought years ago but it makes me need to piss so thats a no go BUT I still need ideas on what colours would go with what and what kind of furniture opr whatever I should consider buying…I dont really know if this question may make sense to many of you but I could use all the help I can get.

p.s remember its in the basement so its not VERY big…just to keep in mind

Answer #1

light greens,and light browns go together could also do one wall one colour ,and another wall a different colour.

Answer #2

I would add at least 2 mirro’s on the walls. They tend to make a room appear bigger. As for colors, earth tone is in. Beige, cream, and seafoam green looks good together. Toss a few throw pillows around and add a bean bag, or a small computer desk or end table and put a lamp on it. If you don’t have carpet, throw rugs can do wonders for a room. You can add a bit of color to it if you wanna sit a couple baskets around on an end table or nite stand. Pillows are my best advice.

Answer #3

well its not just gonna be just white. well one of the walls are buts thats for taking photos im really into photography all of the sudden so I’ve made a backdrop to take pictures of friends and stuff then all the pictures are gonna fill up the other white wall because I also have a poleroid camera which is awsome to take quick pin up pics then I figured im gonna do a red wall on one and then the last wall is undecided

Answer #4

No it may sound weird, but maybe add lime green to it. Will brighten the room up, as well as with white will be a contrasting colour and will make the room appear much bigger. Then the green can go for a zen theme, maybe paint some Japanese patterns on the wall , like words for peace etc Get some pebbles or mini bonzai tree and candles maybe etc to create a minature zen garden if you can in a dish or whatever in your room. Sounds such a good idea. I’m really into Japanese things, if you need any advice just let me know. :D

Answer #5

I would paint my wall red or grey and have black sheets…have lamps around for some light…a guy room should not be so bright, its kind of wierd. dont do white wall dats plain & boring. I don’t know dats my opinion.

Answer #6

colours that will brighten your room are yellow and light blue

Answer #7

what about grey ? that seems relaxing or a neon color like blue =D

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