What are some good tv shows in the UK?

I’m doing a media project showing how tv shows are different in different places and how they are presented towards different audiences. If anyones from the Uk whats your favorite Tv or a tv show presented towards youth?

Answer #1

Well, I have uktv. And I think they have, little Britain, Doctor who and the vicar of dibley. I THINK.

Answer #2

Eastenders (life in walford London)Most watched Soap BBC1 The Bill(Sunhill Poplice station Metropolitan)ITV3 Hollyoaks(soap set in chester)Chanel 4

Eastenders the Best Mays going to try and nick summmer of Dawn

Answer #3

nahh, Skins defo by far.

Answer #4

eastenders hollyoaks coronation street

Answer #5

Eastenderrrs :) x

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