What is a good TV show to watch that is on netflix?

I have watched Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Sister wives, Glee, and Life unexpected! just for an idea of what type of shows i like :D

Answer #1

I’m watching Jericho right now … enjoying it. I’ve also watched Farscape … another one I really liked.

Answer #2

Thanks! I’ll check them out!

Answer #3

Breaking Bad…

Answer #4

Umm I like the walking dead. (Zombie show) but you can find a bunch of older shoes on there to. My usal favorite is the old 90’s kid shows from when i was really little.

Answer #5

I’m currently watching Gossip Girl right now..

Answer #6

the bachelor/ette!

Answer #7

NY ink :)

Answer #8

seen it! it was great!

Answer #9

i’ve tried to get into that. for some reason it just doesnt interest me :) thank you though :)

Answer #10

We got rid of Netflix so I don’t know if it’s on there, but my favorite show is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” If it’s on there, you should watch it. I know for a fact that “Arrested Development” is on Netflix, so I recommend that as a good backup. Also, if you like Weeds you might like “Nurse Jackie,” another good Showtime show.

Answer #11

thanks :)

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