What are some good themes for a 2010-2011 dance team?

We are eighth graders that are in a middle school dance team and are wanting a theme our team this year. The team is made up of all girls and some examples from the previous two years are school days and heroes and villans.

Answer #1

what you mean song themes, right??? I’d go for a catchy tune. black eyed peas have catch tunes and there latest is rock that body… you just have to listen to it!

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Answer #3

umm if your talking about songs: love, jumping, money, popularity, shake, despair…I did a dance to a love themed dance last month is was pretty cute :) the songs we used were lovegame-lady gaga, lovefool-? and my love - justin timberlake.

for like costumes or something you could do preps v hiphoppers, or two different colored costumes that do seperate dances but flow well together, jumgle themes are always cool or if its more pom styled you could do kindof a spin off of preps v hiphoppers by having some wear uniforms and some wear warmups…I’ve seen everything I listed at compatitions. hope I helped (:

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