What are some good Christmas Celebrating tips?

Hi. For the Holidays,I’m trying to come up with some fun ways to celebrate this Christmas but I’m also coming up empty because I feel I have tried everything already. For example, what are some appropriate activites/things to cook/bake and or do for Christmas?We already have the tree and presents and we’re going to record everybodys reaction to their present.And then we’re going to see Christmas movies and make Gingerbread houses…but I feel that it will be so fast,I want slow happy holiday.But I don’t know any good traditions to do.Can anyone reccomend any sites or share their ideas with me?Christmas isn’t five days away!Thank you!

Answer #1

Well christmas is about being together as a family. So just have fun. •You can make hot coco and drink it by the fire place. •For younger kids you can make paper snow flakes and put them on the wall or glue them 2 another paper so you have a pretty christmas picture. •For teens its all about gifts. If you want it to go slow make everyone go around in a circle. They need to wait their turn. Not all at once. You can do youngest to oldest so then the little ones dont whine and cry. •For a good laugh, if theres an older sister or brother in your family, give them coal! I did that once and said it was from santa. It sure made everyone have a good laugh. •My mom makes peppermint bark and its delicious! Pick milk or dark chocolate which ever you like better & white chocolate. Dont worry if you dont like white chocolate, I dont either but I still love it! 1 lb. white chocolate 1/2 c. crushed peppermint 1 lb. milk/dark chocolate http://www.ehow.com/how_5734095_make-peppermint-bark-chrismas-gifts.html ^^ that shows you how to make it.

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