What are some fun perverted games to play with your girlfriend?

im just curious and me and my girlfriend are ready to take this step. and suggestions, tips, or actual games people can suggest?

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naked twister sounds fun lol and squealer too lol oh but my advice is do things romantic first then you can play games lol I looked at this to steal ideas for my next play date with my boyfriend XD so thanx guys lol oh and if fruity hasnt played naked twister theres always room for another player at my house lol jk -cyn

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I bet you ain't tried that naked twister Fruity! lol

Play Squealer! You take turns doing things to each other for 10-20 seconds and first person to make a noise or squeal loses and has to do a forfeit, al leave that up to you perverted games mind though lol

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Agreed with theinjun... Lol you don't want to be too kinky with your girfriend as it's the first time for both of you.

Here's a suggestion, (not that I have tried it mind you), how about nake twister?.

Skinny dipping is always great but if it's winter over there, maybe do this in a heated outdoor spa?.

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if you want perverted games then I assume you want to play ones were you can take advantage of her or soemthing?
as a perverted game isnt someone you play with your partner unless your into the sado masochison stuff
or did you mean sex games?
or games that involve sex/oral sex (and nothing perverted)?

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Ok first. Games are not the way to go if it is your first time. You need something more intimate and romantic. Make her know that you care about her and she is in your mind and not what is just in her pants. Candles, sweets, flowers, something personal she's passionate about, make the night about HER! She is going to be nervous the same as you but you have to make sure she is as comfortable as she can be because she will enjoy it more and you will relax too. It's all about atmosphere. Clean room, lighting, scents, music. A massage after food is a perfect way to start off.

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strip poker? beats me...

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