What is a fun game to play online when you're bored?

I would like to know a fun game for anyone to play when there bored!! Im not asking for some dress up game, i mean an actaul fun and creative game.

Answer #1

Go on 590 klbj.com then go on multimedia and click old school games there are alot of good ones and it’s not blocked by schools or mine atleast

Answer #2

THAnks!!! Lol

Answer #3

No problem lol

Answer #4

I think that Runescape is always fun, but that’s more an RPG. A quick flash game would be Balance Fury or Tower Stack. Snake is always great, too.

Answer #5

QWOP is the most addictive, frustrating game I’ve ever played. It’s really fun, and infuriating at the same time. http://funadvice.com/r/bhv39riagtl

Answer #6

I’m a fan of an insane mrpg game called Kindom of Loathing. It’s funny, fun and free.

Answer #7

*that’s “Kingdom” of Loathing.

Answer #8

wow, i think thats really interesting,,

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