What are some dog names for my new puppy?

I’m getting a border collie puppy, it’s probaly going to be black and white. Anyway I don’t know what gender but most likely a girl, well I need some names for them and next to each name you write please put wether it’s male female or unisex,please. Here are some names I thought of, tell me if you like them…? I can’t think of any male names but I’ve got some female names.. Female: roxy Molly Maggie Dakota lily Oreo star Savannah

Answer #1

Oreo Dakota (my favorite) MJ (short for michael jackson) Sky Skyler

Answer #2

sky lilly jess molly summer

Answer #3

ooo for a boys name you should name it Theiry

Answer #4

oreo max dixie pippin jacks

Answer #5

I love Oreo! it will be great for a collie and you can name a male that or a female.

Answer #6

Rex Gus Sable Ginger Cocoa Chee-Chik Buff Buffin

Answer #7

I like the name marley

Answer #8

You should name it Assmuncher

Answer #9

Name it Pussbucket

Answer #10

I Have A Border Collie Mix Her Name Is Bailey. Heres Some Names I’d Choose.

Skye Abby Shadow Buddy Sara Kyleigh Taylor Emma Elle Ally

Answer #11

III LOVE OREO! my friend has a border collie named lilly! But I HATE when animal names are some human names to ..dont know why I just do . I wouldnt name my dog molly… UMM I don’t know trixie? ; lol oh and if you have a male dog you should SOOO name it bob, billybob, or billybob-bob lol ! just kidding;

Answer #12

I have a dog and her name is Bellamie (Belle Amie) which is french for beautiful friend. That’s more of a female name.

If I had a male dog I would have named him Atticus, for Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.

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