What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?

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Have 2 people swap clothes with each other.

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Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.

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To see if a guy you like, likes you. Get him to do something embarrassing, like kiss you feet.

Extreme Truth or Dare ideas for teen girls.
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dare someone to go outside in their underwear only then lock them out

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got to www.tordol.com

Truth or Dare in the pool?
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if you are playing guy's vs girl's dare someone to get naked til the end of the game or til the next day or til you are ready for them to not be naked.

Extreme Truth or Dare questions?

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if you are playing guy's vs girl's tell them to get naked and tell them to go up to a house and ask for a cup of suger and/or til they get it.

Xstrem dirty dirty Dares
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one time I was at my friends and her older sister older brother me and her were playing truth or dare she dared her older brother to go outside naked she yelled at the top of her lungs kyle get your pants on ran inside and locked the door it was hilarius you should have seen his face!!!

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