Dirty truth or dare questions for guys.

I need some dirty truth or dare ideas for guys to play. Just guy and as dirty as they can be please.

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well if you are talking dirty gay $ex tape then have two guys tie the d*cks together or have one guy give another guy a blow job. or have one strip in front of everyone and here is one clean one... if you have acess to a bra or you could just buy one if you have a sister even better have one of them fill the bra with pudding put it in the freezer until the pudding is frozen and have them wear it or eat the pudding but they should wear it more funny

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I dared my boyfriend to eat a lolly off another guys tongue. Hottest thing I've ever seen. Lol
there's a better game called seven minutes in heaven, where people blindfold you and you go somewhere secluded until a guy who your playing with comes and makes- out with u. That's how I got my boyfriend!

What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?

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I dare you to dry hump a banana??? Depends onthe type of "dirty" You mean like sexual gay type? Just to joke around and humiliate and make a fool out of yourself? Or just To have some sexual fun???

What are some clean truth or dare questions?
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Dare him to call up the girl who liikes him then ask her or sex...If she says yes he has to do it wit her in the closet...but have a camera in there video taping them...then use it against him

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