What are fun things to do at a highschool party???

I need to know fun games/activities to do at a highschool party (besides dance/drink) Any info would be helpfull! HELP ASAP please and thank you

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play advanced truth or dare where people do really crazy things. You could mix this game with spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven

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7 minutes in heaven
spin the bottle

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depends on how big the party is. if it's just close friends you can pop in a movie, or a favorite is twister. but then again that's usually just foreplay.

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I was at a party last month sometime and we played this game it was brilliant fun

right wait tioll everyone has had some drink in them and ask for say three volunteers tell them to stand up in the middle of a room get people to wrap each of them individually in clingfilm from shoulders to feet with their arms by their side then once everyone of them has been wrapped push them over and the first person to get back to their feet without breaking the clingfilm wins.
it's a good laugh and quite funny to watch.

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Stay sober, stay with friends you can trust, don't go off alone with anyone.

There are lots of fun games in the toy department at Walmart, K-mart, Target, etc.

Some games could be:

* Twister
* Truth or Dare
* Name that Tune
* Scavenger Hunt
* Flashlight Tag
* Murder Mystery games

Act like a lady and dress like one too.

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lol if its a party theres only a few things happening
-chatting which you can do
I don't think there is "games" at high school parties well atleast not the ones I been to haha

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You can play beer ping pong but basically t high school parties all you do is what the guy above said

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