Fun for my Birthday party?!?!?

I’m turning 17 this wednesday, and my party is the 17th. I need some party ideas for games or movies because my last party stunk with no fun ideas at all. MY boyfriend and I thought up sticking balloons on people to see how many would stay and the person with the most wins, but that is just one game, if it even works out. I need to entertain 6-10 people who are mostly paired off into couples for 3 hours and it has to be in my house. any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

Do a video scavenger hunt. give them a list of things to do and borrow some video cameras to do it. then give points at the end for the best ones

Answer #2

Try searching on the internet “fun party games” or “party games for a 17 year old’ party”. You may find childish games but others may be pretty fun. I really don’t remember any games to play, but I hope you find some good ones. Good Luck :D

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