What are fashion trends and stores for the 2008-2009 school year?

Ok. Im going into high school this year. Im 14. I really want to buy some really cute clothes from some good stores. I have a sort of preppy style. Give me stores to go to. Trends that are in. Everthing that you can think of for fashion. Definatly give me things not to do or wear. Im stressing. Thank you! ILY

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Well, I havenĀ“t really kept up with the latest trends lately. But I do know that grey is totally in this fall and skinny jeans with a loose top with a bold print is also very up to date.

Hope I helped a bit :D

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american eagle
are the stores to shop @.

the trends are skinny jeans,high waist jeans,flats,bold jewelry,polos,sperry's

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I have a preppy style tew but lemme warn you the stores I shop at are kinda expensive! Go tew HOLLISTER AND ABERCOMBIE! And Aeropastle! I love love love the store American Eagle and Wet Seal! I mainly shop at the mall which is where you cud find these stores! Defly go tew Hollister that's like mii fave store and its preppy! <33 Good Luck and represent Preps!! lol :D

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lol thanks

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go 2 wetseal because I always go der and im known as da best dressed girl in mi school and im sur if you buy clothes der people will notice

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as best dressed junior in hs its about standin out dont dress tha same as and e other prep b unique if you shop at holister all tha tym you will b tha same as the rest ... boring

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