What animal would you be?

If you could be a animal what would you be and y?

Answer #1

I’d be a bird because I’ve always wanted to fly.

Answer #2

bear lol

Answer #3

Ok if I could be an animal I would totally be a sea turtle. I don’t know why, they are just sooo cool!

Answer #4

I would be a cat cause cats are cool and thats how I role! ;)

Answer #5

I would be a tiger because they are free

Answer #6

I’d be a dog…and I’d belong to ME!!! :)

Answer #7

I would be a monkey cause there so cool and a chamelion cause they can change colors

Answer #8

porkipine :) idkk there sexyyy

Answer #9

hmm maybe bird beacuse I can fly high in the sky

or maybe a chetra bc they are fast!

Answer #10

a really fast turtle!!!

Answer #11

bird… I like to “nest” for a while and then move. I’m territorial. I like to perch and watch people.

Answer #12

I would be a fish. I love swimming! :)

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