What am I suppose to do I love two guys?

Okay I really need some help and advice. Everyone I have talked to cant help me. I love two guys. My boyfriend josh he loves me and adores me he moved two hours to be with me and now were living together at my parents we have been together for three years now part of me feels like were getting to serious too soon were already talking about marriage and kids mind you I am only seventeen but I love him to death. Than comes in tyler the guy who still gives me butterflys after five years he was my first he has done me wrong in the past but swears he has changed and I beleive him because of things that are going on in his life now he has matured a lot and wants a relationship with me I have tried everything to get him out of my head for mine and joshs sake but nothing seems to work I am even dreaming about ty now. I love them both equally. I am way depressed because of this ordeal and am running out of options please help:[

Answer #1

I dont think you could love two men at the same time. There is always a difference. Maybe you are in love with one and love the other, or maybe your in love with your boyfriend and are in love with the idea that your ex has changed (men hardly change). Serious find out about him first. Does he want you back cause your in a serious relationship with your current boyfriend?

Answer #2

If you feel like you and your boyfriend are getting too serious too soon, have you tried talking to him about taking it slower? I can understand that it can be scary when things are moving too fast, but before leaving a situation, it’s always best to see if you can change it first. So talk to him and be open and honest about this. If he loves you as much as you love him, he’ll understand.

When it comes to this other guy, I don’t think you should do anything with him until you’ve figured out what you want to do with your current boyfriend. I realize that you have feelings for both, but try to keep in mind that your ex was left in your past for a reason. You’ll always care about him and that’s normal, but changed or not, you have moved on and that’s what you need to focus on.

Take care.

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