I love two guys, how do I choose?'

hey, im desperate for your help! im in love with two guys. ones name is anthony hes really hot and he got expelled from school for beating a kid up! hes real tough and a super hunk. im sure he likes me everyone says so and whenever he looks at me hes staring at my breast or my eyes. but then theres my b/f, zach. im totally in love with him. and hes told me a million times that he loves me. hes sweet, kind, and always makes me laugh by teasing me and such. sometimes he asks me question like, who do you think ull get married with. (I always say it depends) anyway, I really need your help these are both really great guys

Answer #1

OH wow I am haveing the same issue I don;t know I guess you should just close your eyes and think about love and a future and see who pops in your head

Answer #2

My bf is just like anthony and he is in juvie. stay with zach. ur lucky to hav a nice guy that likes u. anthony is bad news, believe me. with him u will get bruises.

Answer #3

I’d say stay with zach. Anthony may be hot, and dangerous. But he sounds like the kind of guy who would force you to do things that you don’t want to. Your lucky to have a guy like Zach, don’t loose him.

Answer #4

thank you soooo much it turns out that the " bad boy " got expelled from school and just yesterday zach took me on a wonderful date. i promise ill stay with him

Answer #5

This anthony guy sounds like trouble to me. I'd stay with Zach. You sound pretty young so it doesn't really matter what you do. but I would definately go with the "good boy" verses the "bad boy".

Answer #6

Go with the good boy. Chances are th hunk will end up breakin ur heart, then ull be left with no bf at all. ZAch is willing to give you his all, and if he makes you laugh and feel good stay with him. Plus, "bad boys are never good to be with or around cuz his friends are like that to and thats just a bad crowd. Go with Zach. If you read this, i want you to respond to me and promise me youll do this, dont break up with zach! He seems to good of a kid!

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