What am i going to do now i have kissed my boss?

It all started about a month ago when I started to become friends with my new work mates and my new boss but with my boss it got a bit over friendly. It started with a bit of flirting and then he realised he couldnt do it anymore because of the risks involved with both our jobs and it stopped for a few days and everything went back to normal and no awkwardness between us but then something had happened to me outside of work and I was down in the dumbs and when we went outside for a fag break to talk bout it we kissed, not just a little peck but a full on passionate kiss and it felt great but then a few days later after more flirting once again he called it off suddenly.neither of us wanted a full on relationship but he said he wanted a one night stand he even asked me where I wanted to do it, my place or work. im so confused by his mixed signals one minute he wants it next minute he doesnt. I am now a little bit uncomfortable when I work with him and he acts as if nothing ever happened.I feel a bit used, am I just being silly?

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Hope for a raise.

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