Is he going to kiss me?!

My boyfriend and me have hugged and kissed on the check, but will he ever kiss me? is he going to kiss me soon?

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If you really want him to kiss you and he wont, you should make the move. What do you have to lose?

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Hmm, Well ima guy, And some times us guys can be really stubborn lol, Just make it REALLY obvious you want to kiss him, Or move into the path of his lips when he goes to kill you on the cheek, and see his reaction.

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hes probably just not sure if you want him to, if you want him to tell him or initiate it.

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make the first move, if he doesn't it may never happen. just do it!

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How would we know?

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how long have u 2 been going out coz it depends on the length of ur relationship really xx but i would make the move and then he'll now that your ready xx

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