Do you think I'm a geek?

I like maths, all my subjects, go to the homework club and I luuuv doin maths, people call me a geek but what do you think

Answer #1

Everyone is geeky in their own way, you’re geeky in math, some are in video games, reading, science, music, etc…it’s just who you are, and I don’t think anyone should change who they are for anyone. Have fun in school, be a kid too! It’s the funnest time of your life!


Answer #2

maybe a genuis get an iq test I took 1 200 on mine normal iq is around 120 so im smarter then a lot of people alive right now but some compitition would be nice go get an iq test

Answer #3

I think your a future success story! :] doesn’t that sound nice? While you do your homework and the rest of them do drugs in the bathroom or are wrapped up in their own self made drama you’re getting somewhere.

Answer #4

pplz may say your a geek, but your not. geeks are more geekish. it’s very good to like all those things. Even I do.

Answer #5

thanx that makes me feel a lot better :)

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